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Zen Korea Steel Co., Ltd. aims to create added value by recycling waste resources

through specialized metal extraction methods.

As a rapid response to business diversification, we aim to stabilize and develop

waste recycling, which is the basis for next-generation advanced business,

and challenge ourselves as a leader in the development of not only our company

but also the local community and national industry. 


We will continue to provide solutions for the sustainable future of individuals, society,

and the planet. We will also boldly challenge beyond limits and boundaries,

innovate technologies, and lead the way to the future with Zen Korea Steel.


Thank you.

Yu Hyunchul, CEO of Zen Korea Steel Co., Ltd.

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  • Acquired wet technology from Japanese technicians at Incheon’s Namdong Industrial Complex.

  • Started urban mining business

       - gold & silver recovery


  • Acquired platinum recovery technology


  • Established Zen Korea Metal in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • Acquired dry technology, fully automated wet and special waste recycling technology


  • March - Completion of dry facility

  • Factory registration certificate, license, and affiliated research center permit completed

  • Safety management process completed

  • Industrial waste wet permit in progress


  • Established Zen Korea Steel

        in Ulju-gun, Ulsan

  • May - Acquired factory in

        Onsan Industrial Complex, Ulsan

  • June~September - Renovation

        and Interior

  • September~October - Facility construction

Factory Building Location

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