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Zen Korea Steel

ISO Certification and Patent Status

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Currently held patents and technologies

We apply for patents for the technologies we have in sequence.

  • Electric waste wire (patent)

  • Smelting device (patent)

  • Wetting (pending)

  • Low-cost SIC crucible coating technology

  • High-cost graphite crucible coating technology

  • Semi-permanent graphite crucible cutting and shafting technology

  • Secondary battery material industrial waste powder melting and smelting technology

  • Metal separation technology during material powder melting and melts

  • Primary and secondary battery material recovery technology

  • Photocatalytic technology for the production of nickel, tin and titanium

  • Component inspection and analysis technology

  • Technology for the extraction of sulfur, iron and arsenic from industrial wastes

  • Technology for the production of aluminum powder

  • Technology for the production of zinc powder 

  • Technology for 100% water extraction at low temperature

  • Technology for recovery of iridium and rhodium from the platinum group(especially high-cost) 

  • Technology for recycling of industrial waste

  • Technology for reduction of special industrial waste to general waste 

  • Continuous production fully automated dry technology

  • Wet technology for automated continuous production

  • Metals: Lithium, Manganese, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Cobalt, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Rhodium

  • Electrolysis technology for handling metals

  • Extraction of various metals and other rare earths from minerals and wastes

  • Technology for the production of electric, high frequency, arc and plasma furnaces

  • LED precious metal recovery technology for urban mines

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